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Coaching & Consulting

The experience of The Praxis team is at your disposal! Many decades of Christian life and ministry experience are embodied in our team, and they are here to serve you. All of our team members have planted at least one church, pastored, developed leaders in their local church context as well has having been involved as denominational executives or denominational ministry team leaders. 


"The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out." - Proverbs 20:5 


Mentoring through The Praxis Center, either individually or in one of our Learning Communities, is designed to draw out and facilitate what the Lord is doing in you to shape your life and through you to shape your Kingdom contribution in ministry. Our mentoring process is holistic, dealing with both the person and their God-given missional task.


This “both/and” approach based in the ministry of Jesus, and who we are in Christ determines how Christ ministers through us. To that end, our mentoring process engages the leader in their inner-life, their relational life as well as their ministerial life, developing the whole person In Christ. It is the outflow of the life of the leader that is ministry.


Check out some of the links below to see the various kinds of mentoring available to you through The Praxis Center. 


Individual Coaching

Consulting for Local Churches

Consulting for Denominations & Church Networks



Individual Coaching

Members of The Praxis Center team are available to be professionally engaged as mentors and coaches, to assist you in both personal and/or missional development. 



For church planters 


The Praxis Center guys are a catalytic bunch, having more than a dozen personal church plants between them, as well as most of them having been parent church pastors as well. They have been on the “front lines” of church planting consistently for more than twenty years. If you are a church planter looking for a mentor/coach, contact us to find out how we can help you. 


You might also like: Our book on church planting, The Kingdom Quest: Preparing to Church Plant in the Post-Christian West and our Quest church planter training. 



For existing church pastors


 In the rapidly changing church landscape in the Western world, gaining perspective is essential to meeting the challenges of contemporary ministry. No longer able to simply be “shepherds of the flock” today’s pastors must be missionaries in the post-Christian pagan West. To lead the congregation you serve into God’s preferred future for them, great skill is required in navigating the needed changes. We can help. If you are interested in someone to walk alongside with you, please contact us. 


You might also like our book, The Organic Reformation and our LifeFlow Church Development Process. 



For denominational leaders and executives 


Tom Johnston & Mike Perkinson, the co-founders of The Praxis Center, having both served as denominational executives for leadership development, church health and church multiplication, are uniquely qualified to walk alongside denominational leaders seeking to maximize their Kingdom potential. Having worked with leaders from over 40 denominational groups, Tom & Mike bring a unique breadth of Kingdom experience, both as practitioners and as those who have developed others towards their ultimate Kingdom contribution. For more information on mentoring and coaching for denominational leaders, contact us.

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Consulting for Local Churches


Uniquely equipped to serve local churches in their developmental needs, the Praxis team can assist you in shaping the future of your church. Here’s how:


Creating Discipleship Pathways 

We would be glad to meet with your leadership to help you craft pathways for disciple-making that are unique to the needs, culture and gifting of you church. 


Leadership Development in the Local Church 

Leadership is a key element in reaping a spiritual harvest. The Praxis team has unique experience and tools available to you church to aid you in developing leaders from the harvest, for the harvest. 


Developing the Individual and Community Witness of Your Church 

Much of what the Western church today calls “outreach” and “evangelism” in simple marketing – seeking to attract people to their worship services – people who are mostly already Christian. Go beyond that into the harvest field in your local community. Praxis can help you discover how to work with the Holy Spirit in cultivating the individual life-witness of people in your church, as well as the witness of your larger church as a whole. 


Natural Church Development 

Natural Church Development is arguably the best church health assessment. Healthy things grow, and healthy things reproduce. NCD uses a church health survey to assess the “spiritual vita signs” of a local church, empowering leaders to make the needed changes to bring the local church they serve to the next level of fruitfulness. Members of the Praxis team are trained NCD coach/consultants available to serve you. You can find more detailed info on NCD Church Health Survey here.


Vista Pastoral & Church Assessment 

Vista evaluates both the pastor and the congregation they serve in three key areas: spiritual vitality, relational priority and missional effectiveness. Through a series of three dialogs, key developmental elements for the pastor and the church are discovered and highlighted so that the church can move forward into the effective ministry the Lord has call them to. 


LifeFlow Contextualized Church Development Process 

LifeFlow is one of our most significant resources for local church development. Read more about how we can help lead your church to more fruitful life and ministry by clicking here.   

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Consulting for Denominations & Church Networks

Tom Johnston & Mike Perkinson provide strategic consultation for denominations and church networks in four key areas:


Strategic Formation, Implementation and Transitional Process

Creating Leadership Development Pathways

Church Health Evaluation & Development Processes

Church Multiplication Movements 


If you would like more information about how Praxis may assist your family of churches, please feel free to contact us.

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